Keke Palmer Shines In ‘Yellow Lights’


Ya girl Keke Palmer has been making internet headlines as of late, but not for the best reasons. Twitter, as it tends to do, has been going in on the young starlet for her new hairstyle and tattoo. Though her personal choices have caused a bit of controversy, Keke remains unfazed and unbothered. In fact, she’s even taken advantage of all the talk (hey, why not?) and used the attention to get eyes on her new single “Yellow Lights” and its accompanying video.

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The song itself is a woozy slice of modern R&B, heavy with moody synthesizer and simple programmed drums. She uses the backdrop to create a slinky slow jam about speeding to her baby to get some quality bedroom time in. As with “I Don’t Belong To You,” Keke further sheds her child star image, as the song is quite sexually charged, with the singer letting her lover know she “can’t wait ’til you’re up in it.” Oh my.

For the intriguing visual, Keke borrows a page from her idol Aaliyah, or rather four pages, as she somewhat recreates the singer’s 1996 “4 Page Letter” visual. Keke sits in the forest surrounded by a dancers dressed completely in black or white as she busts some rather impressive eight counts while deliver a slinky sexuality that we wouldn’t expect from the girl formerly known as Akeelah. Well alright then, Keke!

Stream “Yellow Lights” right here and check out the song’s video below as well.

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