FKA twigs Gets Between The Sheets In 'Good To Love'


FKA twigs strips it down to the basics in her new video for her ballad “Good to Love.” The British songstress and dancer is known for her unique electro-pop sound and music videos that are as strange as they are beautiful. But “Good to Love” is different from her previous releases, both in the sound and in the visuals, because it gives us just her, her voice and a bed.

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“Good to Love” is rather simple in sound but is perfect for twigs' saccharine, cotton-soft voice as she sings about how “it's good to love/ good to love.” A melody on the piano backed by some deep bass and futuristic synths provides the perfect musical background for the swells in emotion in the song. Lyrically, “Good to Love” is about the emotional and physical intimacy between two lovers. FKA worked with director Imma to create the visuals that effectively portray this intimacy. The black-and-white video starts off with twigs in a bed decked out in all white and continues on in a stuttering, stop motion-like fashion. FKA twigs does add in some of her well-known eeriness —the stop motion itself is kind of disjointing and there's a scene where her eyes roll into the back of her head. She also incorporates some hand motions from her voguing days into the visuals. What's interesting is that twigs remains alone throughout the entire video. Though the song is about love between two people, the ballad could very well be a song that's also about finding self-love through an inner pilgrimage. There are usually an insane amount of mental layers to twigs' tracks and videos, so both instances could very be true.

“Good to Love” is from her upcoming album, though the name and drop date haven't been confirmed quite yet. You can catch her perform the song live tonight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the meantime, click play below to get between the sheets with FKA twigs.

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