Get A Load Of Yourself In Santigold’s ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Myself’


Santigold has a big week ahead of her. Her latest album 99¢, which features jams like “Who Be Lovin’ Me” and “Chasing Shadows,” is set to be released this Friday, February 26th. Many fans can’t wait to get their hands on the project, and rightfully so. However, while she’s prepping for the album’s release and accompanying tour, she’s got herself and her fans on the brain. That’s because she’s just released a new interactive video for the album’s lead single “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself.”

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While Santigold definitely gets her fair share of the screen time in the clip — which follows her on a stroll through NYC as she walks her dog, shops and eventually grabs a bite to eat at a diner — there’s another just as prominent star of the clip: You. Using technology that artists have been putting to good use as of late, Santi allows viewers of the video to appear in the clip through the use of their camera on their computers and smart phones. Fun, no? Upon watching, you’ll see your mug plastered on billboards, in photo booth pics, even on Santi’s toast. Talk about not being able to get enough of yourself.

If you’ve been dreaming of making a cameo in a Santigold video, head here to make your video debut. If you’d rather use your smart phone, you can download the video app on both iTunes and Google Play. Now go and become video stars!

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