Say 'Hello' To Adele's First '25' Single


Just yesterday, British songstress Adele announced she was back in a big way, giving us the cover and tracklist for her upcoming third effort, 25. Now less than a day later, we have our first taste of the project with the single and video for "Hello."

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"Hello" finds Adele treading familiar territory, as it's yet another song dealing with the intense emotional moments surrounding the end of a relationship. Over a moody, spare piano arrangement, she poses the lyrics as a phone call to the love she lost. Though they parted ways years ago, the way that things ended has left her wanting to get some closure, but he doesn't seem to share her sentiments. It's another powerful, dramatic ballad from the singer who knows her way around a heart string puller.

For the song's sepia-toned video, we see Adele walking in the Canadian countryside as she arrives at what appears to be abandoned home. Through flashbacks, we see that it's the home that she shared with her lover (played by the handsome singer/actor Tristan "Mack" Wilds). We see the two interact with each other, in good times and bad, via flashback as Adele walks around the now-empty house and reminisces about what was.

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Though we've definitely been here and done this with Adele before, there's something about the way that Adele sings about heartache that keeps us wanting more, and "Hello" is no different. We have a feeling that 25 will be yet another emotional blockbuster.

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