Tiffany Evans & Fetty Wap Caution You To Come Correct 'On Sight'


Singer/songwriter Tiffany Evans is back on the scene with a little bit of a gangsta lean on her new single “On Sight" featuring rapper Fetty Wap. We are all amazed by Tiffany’s growth as a singer, belting notes with the best of ‘em on tracks such as "Red Wine" and “Baby Don’t Go.”  However, the singer forgoes her high heels for a pair of Nike Air Maxs, giving us a mid-tempo track to get the party started.

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A little trap, a little '90s hip hop R&B, “On Sight” has Tiffany waxing poetic and trades verses with Fetty Wap about dudes coming correct with their game. While it is interesting that the rapper of the moment is featured on the song, he actually does add more to the festivities than just a hot name. In fact, Fetty almost outshines Tiffany with his swag and charisma. However, Tiffany, not to be outdone, brings it on the bridge, confidently singing, “If you wanna be a winner / Put your money on me / I do it bigger / Like Floyd I bring the weather / Give it to you only if you can handle.”

“On Sight” is a good song but not exactly the summer anthem that Tiffany Evans was going for. It lacks a bit of the personality and charm that has elevated Tiffany into being a serious performer instead of just the little girl who had that song with Ciara. Nonetheless, as the first official single from All Me, the EP she’s been threatening to release for the last few months, it will hopefully give the star the attention she seeks.

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