Disclosure Enlists Mary J. Blige Just 'For You'

Disclosure MJB FFY Still

When we first got wind of Mary J. Blige rockin' the house with the guys of Disclosure, we were sure that it was a one-off thing. Little did we know that it was just the first taste we were getting of the two acts' collaboration. Now Disclosure has gone ahead and made it official, releasing the video for the version of "F For You" that features vocals from the still reigning Queen of Hip Hop Soul. Though the mixture of the two artists is definitely unexpected, the song makes perfect sense as soul and house have always been a marriage made in musical heaven. MJB's vocals add even more sizzle to the hot house groove that the Howard brothers have laid down. For the video, they take a simple yet animated approach different from the previous quirky videos the duo have released from Settle. But the stylistic approach, using bold splashes of color and combining live action and animation, is a winning one that works well for the song. Get an eyeful of "F For You" and see why we've been singing Disclosure's praises for a while now.

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