Jessie Ware Adds Her Soft Touch To Miguel's 'Adorn'

When Jessie Ware tweeted that she would be releasing a remix of Miguel's modern classic "Adorn," I dreamed big. Matter of fact, you could add Ethel Merman to an "Adorn" remix, and I'd still try to get my two-step on. I had grandiose dreams of a slightly reworked version that had Jessie and Miguel trading verses and falsetto runs. Where Miguel went with "Adorn" is the same direction I think that Jessie would have to take to bring her style of soul and electronica to the mainstream. The remix we've received features Jessie fluttering her voice over the original track, similar to what Marsha Ambrosius did on selections from her series of Sextape mixtapes. On the first verse, Jessie contributes her brand of strong backing vocals that complements the mood of the song with adlibs that come in at just the right time. The difference between what Marsha did and what Jessie did is that Marsha's efforts blend seamlessly, like a duet. In this version, it doesn't seem like such a natural collaboration between Miguel and Jessie. I won't hesitate to throw this on a playlist, but let's hope that Jessie's takes notes from Miguel on how to make a classic jam like "Adorn" on her own.


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