Kwabs Makes Us Catch The ‘Spirit’

It hasn’t even been a good year yet since we were first introduced to the inimitable talent of one Kwabena Adjepong, aka Kwabs, who first appeared on the music scene a year prior. Ever since last May, we’ve kept our ears and eyes open for anything from this young man, and he’s fed our hunger with the occasional video of him smashing a cover or wowing with an original. Those teases and our patience have led us to today with the debut of Kwabs new SoundCloud page that features a new recording from the singer that is even more amazing than one could imagine. “Spirit Fade” is a five-minute serving of Kwabs’ soulful baritone backed by a haunting synthesizer and sparse beat. The music, although an awesome by itself, is secondary to Kwabs’ rich, throaty vocals throughout the track culminating in humming and ad libs from the bridge straight to the outro. “Spirit Fade” has stopped me dead in my tracks and held me captive for the past hour or so, and I suspect my repeat listens won’t stop any time soon. The only downside to this song is that it isn’t available for download nor purchase, and it isn’t even a single. Kwabs simply wanted to share this new taste with his fans as a preview of what’s to come. Too bad it’s only served to make us hungry for more.       


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