Keep Your 'Light' On For Alice Russell

What do Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Shirley Caesar have in common with UK soul singer Alice Russell? They've all covered the Caston & Majors original, "I'll Keep My Light in My Window." Recently, Russell and violinist Mike Simmonds stopped by Yours Truly and performed a stripped down version the song. Surrounded by lush foliage in what appears to be YT's backyard, the focus is all on Alice's voice, and what a mighty voice it is. We've said it before, but she makes singing look no more difficult than having a casual conversation with an acquaintance; it comes so naturally for her. While Simmonds plucks away at the strings in the peaceful setting, Alice impressively belts out the song's lyrics with the type of emotion that only comes from first-hand experience. A fuller-bodied recording of the song appears on Quantic and Alice's collaborative album, Look Around the Corner, and features the Combo Bárbaro. I'll definitely keep my light on for this gifted songstress, and you should, too.

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