If You're Looking For Kenny Lattimore, We Know Where To 'Find' Him

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Kenny Lattimore perform live at an intimate concert in Washington, DC at Studio 202, and I was blown away at how good he still sounds. Not that I should be surprised because he has always been a singer's singer and has taken good care of his instrument in those years when he was out of the spotlight. Now that he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, Back 2 Cool, we'll be hearing much more of that golden voice and seeing his handsome visage increasingly in the coming months as he promotes the first single, "Find A Way." The first place that we'll see Kenny is in the song's music video. We see him setting the scene for romance for a lovely young lady who is the lucky recipient of his attention and affection -- even though she appears to already have a man at the beginning of the video. That doesn't stop Lattimore from laying down a path of rose petals, drawing a bubble bath and pampering his very willing participant. He appears ready to seal the deal but the video ends with the viewer wondering if Kenny has in fact found the way to her heart or if he needs to keep looking. 

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