It’s Szjerdene’s ‘Turn’ To Shine

I know I may be biased, but it seems to me that the UK are really churning out some excellent soul music of late. There are dozens upon dozens of new artists making waves across the blogosphere — and the globe — and I have to say it makes me proud. One artist whose star is certainly on the rise is Szjerdene, an artist we labelled as Bounce-Worthy almost three years ago and have featured on these pages ever since. She has released a steady stream of tracks since then, but her recent project, Patchwork: The EP, has set her apart as an artist who has found her own niche. She already released a rather stunning video for the track “Blue Lullaby” and has now once again teamed up with the people behind those visuals, Josh Feder and Saul Abraham, to create an equally engaging video for the song “Turn.” Showing a couple falling out of love, it’s certainly a melancholy piece, but the cinema-esque videography will keep your attention to the very end.

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