Jeezy & Ne-Yo Don’t Want To ‘Leave You Alone’

Last month Jeezy released “Leave You Alone” as the latest single from his fourth studio album, Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition. The Atlanta rapper known for his gangster rap tracks added a smoother edge to his gritty lyrics with Ne-Yo‘s warm R&B flow. The single now has a video, and we learn that Jeezy has a softer side to his thug. He’s has left his trap raps behind — at least for the moment — for a love story in “Leave You Alone.” The song is about a woman who sees Jeezy as a bad choice for her life and continues to not leave him alone, and the visuals portray a forbidden love between two people ruled by their differing cultural histories. The video is very Romeo and Juliet in the hood. Jeezy is the black, rich, and free Romeo and his Latina leading lady is the love-trapped Juliet. It’s surprisingly sweet and romantic, which is not exactly something you can say about Jeezy’s earlier work.

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