Jay-Z & Alicia Keys 'State' The Obvious In New 'Empire' Video

After almost exactly two months of continuous hype, and after seeing them perform the song everywhere, the official video for the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys anthem to the greatest city in the world (so biased, it hurts), "Empire State of Mind," is finally ready for viewing. Of course I love everything about the video, from the aerial shots above Manhattan to Alicia's door-knocker earrings and one of the dopest custom pianos ever made. The Empire State Building looks majestic, as do all of New York's structures. All that's missing from this is, of course, are the twin towers. You know, if this video doesn't make you want to come visit the Big Apple, nothing will. Which makes me think that the song will be more than just an anthem. Jay and Alicia may just get some of that tourism board money from the city as well. Heh. Whether they do or not, this is definitely the way to bring in the weekend. Happy Friday from New Yoooooork!

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