Quddus Is 'Humbled' And 'Wide Open'

You may know Quddus as a former MTV VJ and a current correspondent for TVOne Access, but you may not know that prior to that career move that he was a spoken word artist. Like many of us who put our creative pursuits to the side due to our day jobs, Quddus put his pen down a few years ago and let it get dusty but thankfully he didn't let the ink dry up. Last summer he picked it back up after being inspired by a fair maiden and the result was "Humbled," which he recently shot the following video for. In the clip, his poem is recited over the music of violinist Miri Ben-Ari, and this is the first in the upcoming "Wide Open" series debuting soon. This is great to see another side of Quddus outside of his television duties. Leave your thoughts behind in the comments.   

Quddus [MySpace][Blog]

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