Whose 'Supernatural' Is From a Higher Realm? Ciara's or Mary's?

Back in June, a leak of Ciara's song "Supernatural" was made available on the web.  The track was produced by Ne-Yo and will appear on her September release Fantasy Ride.  Which is cool.  I mean, it wasn't something SB would normally think twice about.  Usually, a cursory congrats to CiCi would suffice.  Well, now that the same track, this time covered by Mary J. Blige, has surfaced, it becomes somewhat of a story.  Or at least interesting.  Now, we know MJB is down with the Ne-Yo camp, so perhaps she was just having fun with a track that eventually went to Ciara.  But as we First Spin Mary's version, we've decided to post both tracks and make it a "Supernatural" Battle of the Beats.  Take a listen below and weigh in.

Ciara: "Supernatural"

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Mary J. Blige: "Supernatural"

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