Notorious B.I.G. Reveals There's 'Life After Death' & Janelle Monae Won't Stop Paging Him

biggie-smalls-crown.jpgIt's a no-brainer that we love to wax nostalgic here on SoulBounce, and Stevie Wonder's Sesame Street performance was a testament to this fact. But when we hipped you to Notorious B.I.G.'s reappearance from the grave on Twitter, most of us took this to be just a properly timed joke. The eleventh anniversary of his death was earlier this year, after all. So let's just say that we were quite surprised to learn that Biggie is now doing interviews. Of note, he declares that he doesn't do Devil Dogs (only Ring Dings), he still sees Faith morning, noon and night, and that Bad Boy Records' Janelle Monae won't stop paging him after getting a "taste." Yeah, um, okay. It seems as though someone is delusional even after a fake resurrection from death. No matter, it's still pretty comical, and leaves me wondering when Tupac will make it over from Cuba and start following us on Twitter.  

[MBO via HHIR]

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