Diggin' In the Crates: Uncle Luke Touches Us Inappropriately On Christmas


Good thing Butta's out of town, because she adamantly opposes this kind of chicanery on SoulBounce.

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"Santa Claus is coming" takes on a whole new meaning when it's uttered by Luther Campbell. In our final "Diggin' In the Crates" of the year, we go back to a time when Hip-Hop got away with a lot more than it does now, but didn't draw nearly the same amount of negative attention. "Christmas Time is Party Time" is Luke's blasphemous holiday anthem, utilizing the same booty-bass instrumentation he owned back in the 90s. This song is a car wreck after too many glasses of the 'nog, but if you're wrinkling your nose in disgust at the beginning of the track, you'll inevitably find yourself poppin' towards the end. Oh, the shame.

Luke: "Christmas Time is Party Time"

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