Battle of the Beats: Lupe Fiasco vs. K-Os

This one was sitting right under my nose, but you should be honored by my lateness!

Welcome to another Hip-Hop Edition of Battle of the Beats! This time we’re seeing just how well Lupe Fiasco’s tale of industry loathing and soul-searching holds up against K-Os’s convenient excuse for straight dudes to dance to House music. Kidding!

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Aside from the similar song titles, we’re sure both of these tracks appeal to the non-mainstream, anti-bling and booty-shaking aesthetic that continues to attract 3-5 readers to our site daily! I’m partial to the Soho “Hot Music” beat and without having consulted my soulful cohort, I’m sure Butta is too. But the important thing here is, as always, what do you think? (Trust me, Lupe can take anything you throw his way.)

Lupe Fiasco: “Superstar”

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K-Os: “Superstar Pt. 0”

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