Aloe Blacc Is ‘The Man’ At Soul Train Awards 2014


Aloe Blacc got the audience grooving during the Soul Train Awards 2014 with energetic renditions of his tunes “The Man” and “Love is the Answer” on last night’s telecast.

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Backed by a live band and animated backup singers, Mr. Blacc let loose the gravelly soul fans have been hearing all year throughout his well-known hits. Suited up and with mic in hand, he briefly crooned the refrain of “The Man” before signaling to his people that it was time to kick things up a notch.

It was then that the transition was made to the inspirational anthem “Love is the Answer,” which boasts uplifting lyrics that were accompanied here by stellar musicianship. The audience can be seen definitely feeling this jam, though they were probably encouraged by the show’s producers to emphasize their reactions to it, but with sounds like these, it was surely a simple request.

Though brief, Aloe and his crew were one of the highlights of the Soul Train Awards 2014’s slew of performances. Is it too early to start campaigning for more screen time for them next year?

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