Noel Gourdin & Avery Sunshine 'Can't Wait To Love' Each Other


Like peanut butter and jelly, Noel Gourdin and Avery Sunshine make the perfect match. As you already know, Gourdin and Sunshine get it on in "I Can't Wait To Love You," and we couldn’t wait to see the result. Fresh off of Gourdin’s recent release City Heart, Southern Soul, the two sangers express their sizzling affection for each other with their soulful voices and turn it up a notch with a new lyric video. If you want to sing (or text) the lyrics to your significant other, this is for you. Featuring images of Gourdin and Sunshine, the video also has shots of couples wining and dining, locking eyes and, as Gourdin would say, "making their jones official." You can’t beat the classic feeling of passionate love in the single. Sprinkled with Sunshine’s powerhouse vocals -- not that she even has to try -- the song is a simple but beautiful snippet of what love could and should feel like. We’re sure you can’t wait to check out the lyrics and steamy graphics so please, don’t let us keep you.

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