Maxwell Preparing For A Tour?

We stay on Maxwell watch here at SoulBounce. Every little step he makes, we will be there and likely have something to say about it. So of course there's much commentary to be had regarding his latest MySpace status message. Take a gander if you will at the update posted some time on Wednesday: maxwell_myspace_status_message.JPG

"Rehearsing for a tour"?!
JIGGA WHAT? JIGGA WHO? Maxwell must be near to getting ready to drop the bomb on us because if he's rehearsing for a tour then one would assume that means he'll be hitting the road soon, which would also mean that a complete song will be surfacing even sooner. At least we hope that's the case. Maxwell fans have fallen for the okey doke before. But after that scrumdelicious surprise performance on the BET Awards, it looks like the man is almost done toying with our affections. If Columbia was smart they would have serviced his first single that day after his BET comeback to ride the wave of momentum, but that would've been too much like right. Regardless, this is a glimmer of hope and enough to keep us Maxwell lovers off the ledge for a little while longer. 

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