Muni Long Returns To ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ To Perform ‘Made For Me’

Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung/NBC

Muni Long has another smash hit with her latest viral single “Made For Me.” The inescapable song is everywhere, including late-night TV. The GRAMMY Award-winning singer and songwriter made her third appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and brought the drama to her “Made For Me” performance.

Long was a vision in blue on the stage also bathed in blue lights. Accompanied by “Made For Me” co-writer and co-producer JordanXL on grand piano, she began the performance seated in a chair situated center stage in blue shadows. After singing the first two lines, she dramatically flicked her hand to the beat and light suddenly illuminated her face. She delivered the entire first verse while sitting down before standing up to sing the chorus.

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After singing the chorus, Muni said “Let’s go!” and the song switched from a piano ballad to its regular instrumentation via a track. That surprising switch-up elicited applause from the audience, and she was feeling the love and moment. Long’s live vocals weren’t as clean as we’re used to hearing from her, but she made up for it with her stage presence and killer abs in her outfit reminiscent of the oversized silky pajamas TLC rocked in the “Creep” video.

Toward the song’s end, Muni made her way over to the piano and sat next to JordanXL. By this time, the song returned to the piano ballad sound, and she brought “Made For Me” home with her strongest vocals of the night. Muni and JordanXL ended the performance with a congratulatory fistbump, thoroughly satisfied with the work they put in. Watch the hitmakers work below.

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