Full Crate Goes ‘Back On 74’ To Lace Jungle With A Remix

Photo Credit: Mood Talk | Bexx Francois

Jungle did their big one with the release of Volcano last year. The set was not only one of our favorites around SBHQ but also one of the best albums of the year hands down. It also has tracks that are ripe for remixing, especially the set’s viral hit “Back On 74.” Producer Full Crate answers the call with a remix that rises to the occasion.

Full Crate is known for creating a vibe, and he crafts yet another one as he takes the ’60s-inspired track and infuses it with some lovers rock. The reggae spin smooths things out and slows things down, making this version the perfect one to pull your lover to the dance floor as you slow dance and remember the good old days.

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Jungle, meanwhile, is looking forward. The group recently partnered with clothing brand GAP for its “Linen Moves” campaign. The group recreated the video for “Back On 74” with their usual crew of dancers and new additional choreography from the Volcano visuals’ choreographer Shay Latukolan. The spot also features current Afrobeats “It” girl Tyla, who proves that she can move and saunter with the best of them.

Get ready to vibe to the sounds of Jungle and Full Crate when you check out the “Back On 74 (Full Crate Remix)” right here and then stick around to watch the group’s GAP ad campaign below.

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