Yebba Lets Her Love Flow Freely With ‘Waterfall (I Adore You)’

Photo Credit: Yebba/Facebook

Yebba is popping up on everyone’s album it seems. However, when it comes to her own solo material, the singer-songwriter has been relatively quiet. Thanks to one of those collaborations, that quiet has been broken. Drake featured a snippet of one of Yebba’s songs on “Polar Opposites,” the closing track on his recent album For All The Dogs. The rapper then took to Instagram to demand that she drop the full song for audiences to hear. Yebba has thankfully obliged and now we have that song — a lovely tune called “Waterfall (I Adore You)” — to bask in.

Yebba once again turns in a thoughtful, well-written and performed cut that’s sure to take up permanent residence on your playlists. Light keys, wah-wah guitar and bass blend into an echo-y, soulful groove perfect for lovers to lay inside and get cozy. Yebba, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to get a bit poetic while speaking about the love she’s feeling for her significant other.

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She speaks of her inner thoughts and feelings throughout, singing at one point, “Mirrors break, just to multiply / F**k what they say / These feelings don’t subside,” she sings at one point. “Obsessions fade / Overtime / But what remains, love is whatever we make it tonight.”

We don’t often say this around these parts, but shout out to Drake for helping to usher this one along. The song is so sweet that Yebba released two versions — a solo take and a version with singing and a little spoken word from Sweata added to the end. There’s no need to pick a favorite, however, as both are quite exquisite. Listen to each when you press play below.

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