BJ The Chicago Kid & Coco Jones Have A Lot On The Menu In ‘Spend The Night’

Photo Credit: Coco Jones/Instagram

BJ The Chicago Kid and Coco Jones serve up food and fantasy in the music video for their duet “Spend The Night.” Instead of taking us to the bedroom for the sexy uptempo number, the collaborators convene in a diner where dreams become real.

The visual begins with BJTCK rushing into the greasy spoon tardy for work with the song’s producer Yeti Beats in a cameo as his manager who gives him a “you’re late” look. BJ brushes him off, starts his shift and spots Coco seated at a table reading a book. They lock eyes and lock in on each other before the fantasy sequence starts.

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The lighting changes and so do their outfits as they sing and two-step around the restaurant. Coco is joined by a couple of girlfriends while BJ is accompanied by his two co-workers. Although the duet partners don’t ever seal the deal and truly get closer in the video like the song suggests, they have great chemistry in the whimsical capture by director Tajana Tokyo.

“Spend The Night,” “Forgot Your Name” and “Liquor Store In The Sky” will be included on BJ The Chicago Kid’s upcoming joint album with Yeti Beats. The project doesn’t have a title, tracklist or release date yet, but we did notice the date Friday, November 10, 2023 prominently displayed in a scene in the video. BJ and Beats have promised a fall release, so that may be an Easter egg. Until we see if our prediction is accurate, watch the visual below and find “Spend The Night” on your fave digital music platforms.

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