Arin Ray Wades In His Feelings In ‘Wait So Long’

Photo Credit: Arin Ray/YouTube

Arin Ray will soon bless us with Phases III, the latest installment in his Phases EP series that fans have been patiently waiting for. He kicked off that anticipation not too long ago with his appropriately titled single “Wait So Long.” With the EP’s release imminent, the singer continues to whet our whistles with the video for the single.

The video keeps things somewhat simple as it mostly features Arin alone on a set. He still finds ways to complicate it just like the relationship that’s at the center of the song, though. For one, he matches the brooding nature of the song by keeping the light dim throughout most of the clip. That paired with flashes in the dark add a dramatic flair to the proceedings. He also adds some style points by including a small pool of water, allowing him to brood while lying in it or make waves as the video’s co-star walks through it wordlessly in her high heels.

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Though there’s no real narrative going on in the clip for “Wait So Long,” we think that the video gets the song’s point across quite well. So much so that we can’t wait to see if he brings us more visual treats when Phases III arrives this Friday, October 20th. While you mark your calendars, get into Arin Ray into his moody new music video below.

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