Lalah Hathaway Releases An Affirmation-Filled Anthem With ‘I AM’

Lalah Hathaway looking over her shoulder on the beach.
Photo Credit: Hathaway Entertainment/SRG-ILS Group

Lalah Hathaway is poised to set Black Music Month off with the release of her forthcoming album VANTABLACK in a matter of weeks. Led by the infectious single “So In Love,” she’s keeping her promise of dropping more new music before the album bows and keeps us on the dance floor with her latest track “I AM.”

Internationally known for her assortment of velvety slow jams, Lalah has gotten her groove back with her newest selections. If “So In Love” was the warm-up, then “I AM” is the workout. The uptempo bop co-written by Hathaway, Ariza and Kole features a thick, plucky bass line and is an anthem jam-packed with positive affirmations.

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Our girl rides the beat and turns her swag on as she sings about all that she is. “I am abundant / I am becoming all of the dreams my people ever dreamed / I am the spirit, I am ascending / I am the past and the present / I’m the moment and the blessing,” she boldly proclaims in the second verse. The chorus consists of the songstress simply repeating the words “I am!” which is sure to become a rhythmic rallying cry for everyone who hears it.

Hathaway took to Instagram to share a video where she detailed her inspiration for the song. “It’s supposed to make you move and declare out loud ‘I AM!’ whatever it is you say you are. It’s just an affirmative song, it’s an affirmation,” she stated. Lalah ended the clip with, “This is my statement, this is my art, this is how I’m speaking to the world through my art. I’m really declarative and affirmative, and this song does all that.”

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Lalah Hathaway has us working up a sweat and breaking out into a soul clap to “I AM.” We’re wide open after this latest listen from VANTABLACK and eagerly awaiting the album’s Friday, June 14th release. Lalah’s promised to drop new music every other week until the album arrives, so lock in and listen up for more soulful samples of her next masterpiece.

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