Lila Iké & H.E.R. Give Us Modern Day ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Vibes With ‘He Loves Us Both’

Photo Credit: Lila Iké/YouTube

It seems like we can’t get over the magic of Brandy and Monica’s timeless duet “The Boy Is Mine.” Artists are either trying to repurpose it, reimagine it or just straight-up remake it. However, we think up-and-coming reggae artist Lila Iké might have just cracked the code on how to pay homage to its themes without being derivative by teaming up with H.E.R. on their new single “He Loves Us Both.”

Like “The Boy Is Mine,” the catalyst for this song is the realization that both ladies are involved with the same man. Instead of synth arpeggios, symphonic stabs and thick electronic bass, however, the matter is hashed out over a calm rhythm reminiscent of classic reggae.

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Lila is the first to state her case, singing, “He loves us both, I know / Yes, this sounds strange for sure / But don’t be too quick to judge / See, that’s just the thing ’bout love / You can’t choose what you feel.”

H.E.R., meanwhile, seems to be the woman scorned here and isn’t trying to hear any of what Lila has to say at first. “We both grown so keep it real / I wasn’t even that pressed / And you just keep lyin’ to yourself,” she sings. “I knew exactly just what he felt for you, ooh.” Things seem to thaw by the bridge, though, as it dawns on the ladies that this situationship might serve them both

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In the song’s music video, rapper Joey Bada$$ plays the man who has both women caught up. Like “The Boy Is Mine,” we see each woman paired up with him in their own solo scenes as they describe why they’re willing to risk it all. The scenes paint quite the picture (and, quite frankly, we more than understand). However, due to the song’s more laid-back feel, things never seem like they’re coming to a head.

“He Loves Us Both” serves as the lead single for the as-yet-untitled debut album from Lila Iké. If this is just the beginning, we can’t wait to hear and see what comes next. Check out Lila Iké and H.E.R. when you press play on “He Loves Us Both” and its video below.

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