BJ The Chicago Kid & Coco Jones Can’t Wait To ‘Spend The Night’ Together

Photo Credit: BJ The Chicago Kid/Spotify | Coco Jones/Instagram

What do you get when you combine one of the most soulful contemporary male singers with an R&B starlet whose star is rapidly ascending? BJ The Chicago Kid and Coco Jones are the answer. The pair unite their talents on the blazing new duet “Spend The Night.”

BJTCK and Coco have romance on their minds and waste no time sharing their desires on “Spend The Night.” The upbeat song begins with the chorus, and they’re ready to get it in on the dance floor and get it on in the bedroom. “Wake up to lovin’ in the morning / Hot sex / If you spend the night with me,” they sing of their intentions as the music swirls like a bouncy disco groove.

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The song is filled with flirtatious lyrics between BJ and Coco who can’t wait to get frisky. He takes the lead on the first verse, and he has a taste for some hot Coco. “Can’t get you out of my mind / You live free in my head,” BJ freely admits, but he’s not the only one who’s enraptured. Coco is smitten, too, and keeps that same energy for her verse. “Can’t lie I’m addicted, want it like quick, quick,” she sings about that good-good that she can't get enough of.

BJ and Coco are two artists who have been flourishing in their respective careers this year. BJ has formed a fruitful partnership with producer Yeti Beats that’s yielded the soulful singles “Forgot Your Name” and “Liquor Store In The Sky” from his upcoming new album on Yeti’s imprint on RCA Records. Coco, meanwhile, is that girl and has R&B lovers wrapped around her finger with her hit single “ICU,” sold-out concert tour and entire persona.

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Artists sometimes lean into more chill, laid-back vibes to coordinate with summer segueing into fall and the weather changing, but not BJ The Chicago Kid and Coco Jones. They want you to two-step and body roll right into cuffing season. “Spend The Night” is the perfect soundtrack. Listen below, and add it to your playlists from a number of digital music services.

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