Ruben Studdard Thinks His Woman Is A ‘Masterpiece’

Photo Credit: Keith Estep Photography

The October 27th release date for Ruben Studdard’s new album The Way I Remember It is fast approaching. Before he unleashes his latest LP onto the world, though, he gives fans one more sample of the project with the single “Masterpiece.”

Like Atlantic Starr before him, Ruben has found a work of art in his lady on “Masterpiece.” Studdard doesn’t remake the group’s 1991 ballad, but he does deliver a companion track that’s relevant to a generation raised on social media. He lets his woman know that she’s picture perfect as-is, and he’s all in.

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Ruben is full of compliments for his natural beauty. He breaks it down on the chorus. “Cause, baby, you’re a masterpiece and you don't really need no filter / Something like a centerpiece, a perfect figure,” he sings. “Michelangelo couldn’t paint it / Bet your last dollar Shakespeare couldn’t say it / Strike a pose for the camera, smile and say cheese / You’re a masterpiece to me.”

One thing is for sure and two things are for certain after listening to his three singles, Ruben Studdard is a man in love and we love to see it. “Masterpiece” will join “The Way I Remember It” and “W.I.F.E.” on his 10-track The Way I Remember It album, which is currently available for pre-add on Apple Music. Listen to the song and view its visualizer below.

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