October London Can’t Wait To Get ‘Back To Your Place’

Photo Credit: October London/YouTube

October London has had quite a prolific year. Aside from his well-received album The Rebirth Of Marvin, which he released in February right before Valentine’s Day, he dropped an astounding four EPs in the first half of 2023. He kicked the year off in January with Alone In A Room, Technicolor followed in March, then The RnB Masterclass arrived in May and June brought us Jackpot. The singer-songwriter-producer has been quiet for most of the summer, but he ends his summer vacation with the music video for “Back To Your Place.”

London circles back to The Rebirth Of Marvin for “Back To Your Place.” The track was the lead single from the project that found him expertly channeling the spirit and sound of Marvin Gaye. October borrows from Marvin’s lover man classics on “Back To Your Place” as he expresses his desire for a romantic rendezvous with a foxy lady. She’s down like four flats on a Cadillac with her response – “Take me, oh, take me, baby / Oh, baby / Take me back to your place / Ooh, your place of residence” – that’s music to his ears.

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In the Jo Lenz and Nobody Else-directed visual for “Back To Your Place,” October pulls up to a cigar bar in his vintage droptop. He gives throwback cool in his tailored suit while rocking sunglasses at night. After he settles in, pours up some brown liquor and lights up a cigar, the directors alternate between his scenes and a pretty young thing at her place of residence getting ready for his arrival. We never see October and his leading lady actually link up in the clip, leaving much to the imagination. The video matches the low-key sexiness of the song, keeping things classy and classic.

We don’t know if there are any more videos on the way from The Rebirth Of Marvin or his quad of EPs, but we’re eagerly anticipating whatever October London has coming next. The artist signed to Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records has been in the studio with Diddy recently, recording a song that he claims “is going to stand the test of time.” Until we hear what that collaboration yields or the rest of the year brings, press play below to watch “Back To Your Place.”

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