Etta Bond Has Something For You With ‘A1’

Photo Credit: Kay Holden

British singer Etta Bond has never been one to be demure. We first met her when she got more than forward with her sexually charged single “Let Me Hit It” back in 2018. Since then, she’s been giving us more and more of her frank, conversational style of music. She continues the tradition with the release of her newest single “A1.”

“A1” is about as matter of fact as one can get. Frequent collaborator Raf Riley is back on board to give her synth-heavy production that sounds almost like music you’d hear on an amusement park ride, but with a sensual edge to let you know that this one is meant for an altogether different type of ride.

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Just in case you were unsure of that, though, Etta silences any doubt by beginning the song with its provocative chorus. “You know my p***y A1 / Said he couldn’t stay long, but he’s still here,” she sings. “Not just f**king, he’s my day one / I got something with his name on it.” Oh my, my, my.

The song’s video also has an in-your-face approach, with the camera taking on the persona of Etta’s constant visitor. Throughout the clip, we see the singer open her door several times over to her arriving suitor and invite him to partake in the greatest ride on earth. That also means that we see her in various states of seduction as she puts it on him and leaves him in a daze. Eventually, things get a little stale, though. The video closes with the man stumbling drunk to her door and Etta answering with a not-so-enthused look on her face. The two do end up in her bedroom, but this time she turns a cold shoulder while he closes his eyes to sleep off the night.

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“A1” is the inaugural release on her newly formed independent label Oddulthood, which was formed by the singer, Raf and Kay Holden — her creative director and the director of the video. With her newfound freedom in creating, we imagine that we’ll be hearing even more from Etta Bond in the near future. In the meantime, stream “A1” right here and then stick around to watch her in the song’s provocative visual.

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