Sidibe Is Walking On ‘Sunshine’

Photo Credit: Andrea Smith

We’ve gotten accustomed to Sidibe giving us a new song every few months this year. So far, she’s blessed us with the singles “All Your Love Inside,” “Nothing At All” and “Too Good Alone,” which she just released in June. Now the prolific songbird quickens the pace with her second release of summer with her latest song “Sunshine.”

Sidibe and her go-to collaborator Nico Stadi craft “Sunshine,” a feel-good song about defining success on your own terms and letting your light shine regardless. She shares a salient message in the lyrics.

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“People will say / Success is everything / I heard it today / If you wanna win you’ve gotta play,” Sidibe softly sings on the first verse almost with a tinge of sadness over subdued keys. Her tune quickly changes, however, as she makes it clear that she’s not about that life, singing, “But that’s not for me / I see life differently / What do they know / I write my story as I go.”

The song picks up from there when the groove drops in, and Sidibe lets her soul glow on the chorus. “I got that sunshine / Wanna shine this warmth right now / I got that sunshine / Who knows if tomorrow will come around / I got that sunshine / Look at all the light I found,” she sings, happy with who – and, more importantly, where – she is.

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“When I was writing ‘Sunshine,’ I realized I was feeling an emptiness that was the result of me attaching too much value to the criteria our culture has established around success and desirability,” Sidibe shared on social media about the inspiration behind the song. “In reality, I don’t relate to any of these topical ideas of what it means to have value. I can choose what matters to me. Where I find meaning.”

“Sunshine” is yet another dreamy addition to Sidibe’s growing catalog. At the rate she’s going, we have our fingers crossed that she has more new music coming our way very soon. Press play below to listen to Sidibe continue to show up and glow up on “Sunshine,” and add the song to your collection from your preferred digital music supplier.

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