Sidibe’s Passion Is Reawakened On ‘Too Good Alone’

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Facebook

Sidibe’s music is the equivalent of a summer breeze. It’s soft, peaceful and refreshing. Now, just in time for our favorite season, the songbird returns to warm us up with her new single “Too Good Alone.”

The icebox where Sidibe’s heart used to be melts on “Too Good Alone.” After swearing off love and the comfort of another, she’s simply resolved to be by herself until her passion is reawakened by a beautiful stranger.

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She starts the song with the lyrics, “The sun’s always setting / And I keep forgetting / The feeling of letting / A lover pull me close.” But by the end of the track, this new love interest has her seeing the possibilities and singing a different tune. “Now I’m visualizing / An endless horizon / Where the sun is shining / A breeze that keeps calling,” she coos over a mid-tempo mélange of synths, bass and drum machine.

On “Too Good Alone,” Sidibe once again collaborates with her go-to producer Nico Stadi, who she co-wrote the song with after sitting with the concept for a while.

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“I conceived this title and story years ago but never had the perfect musical bed to accompany it,” Sidibe wrote on Instagram and Facebook in advance of the single’s release. “All songs in time. This one has already taught me a lot about patience.”

“Too Good Alone” is the third new single from Sidibe this year following “All Your Love Inside” and “Nothing At All.” She’s yet to make any announcements, but we have a sneaking suspicion that these songs are part of a larger project – perhaps an EP or maybe even an album. Join us in speculating and add this song to your soft life and self-care playlists from your digital music supplier of choice.

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