By Popular Demand, PJ Morton Officially Releases His Cover Of Ms. Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Sweetest Thing’

Photo Credit: Tyler Roi

PJ Morton is a man of the people, and by popular demand, he gives the people what they want with an official single release of his cover of “The Sweetest Thing” by Refugee Camp All-Stars featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill.

His version of “The Sweetest Thing” transforms it into an entirely different song with live instrumentation, a fresh arrangement, an upbeat tempo and a brand-new vibe. The sultry hip-hop soul of the original is replaced with a spicy blend of genres that collide on the dance floor. Trying to resist the urge to move when this groove drops in is a futile endeavor as PJ rides the rhythms and serenades his sweet thing.

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Morton’s extreme makeover of the 1997 jam taken from the classic Love Jones The Music soundtrack has had us under its spell ever since he uploaded the video of the live recording session to YouTube and his socials. If, like us, you’ve been running up the view count on that clip and made it go platinum, you can now run up the song’s streams and do the same.

Get lost in the music and get your entire life when you press play to listen to PJ Morton’s “The Sweetest Thing” below. In case you missed the aforementioned video of the recording session, keep scrolling to watch that, too. Give your playlists a boost by adding the song from your choice of digital music platforms or downloading it on iTunes.

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