Mahalia Has Some ‘Terms And Conditions’ If You Want To Be Her Lover

Photo Credit: Mahalia/Instagram

British songstress Mahalia proved pretty prolific in recent years, releasing a bevy of singles along with her EPs Isolation Tapes and Letter To Ur Ex. She’s also not one to rest on her well-deserved laurels. So, it’s no surprise that she’s already back on the block, bringing us her first new single of 2023 entitled “Terms And Conditions.”

The song, co-written with her good friend RAYE, is all about Mahalia setting boundaries for her love life. We get the feeling that she’s been put through the ringer when it comes to love based on her socials and catalogue, but she’s done with all that. With a beat that teeters between pop and R&B with a bit of hip-hop sass thrown in for good measure, she lays things out in no uncertain terms.

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“If you want my love, then let’s discuss / The man you’re required to be / If you tell me lies, you get three strikes / There’s no coming back, boy, please,” she sings on the chorus. “If you look at her, consider bridges burned / You could call it petty, but see / If you want a position, these are my terms and conditions.”

Mahalia is excited about the single’s release, saying in a press statement, “It’s almost like a love letter to myself whilst being a warning to others. It’s all about setting boundaries and deciding what things I would no longer compromise on.”

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She’s also not comprising on her constant output. “Terms And Conditions” serves as the first we’re hearing from her upcoming album. While she’s confirmed its arrival, she has yet to divulge a release date or title for the project. We’ll be on the lookout for that while you sample her latest single and watch its visualizer (which seems to feature some behind-the-scenes footage) below.

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