Little Dragon Goes Post-Punk With ‘Slugs Of Love’

Photo Credit: Little Dragon/YouTube

Swedish quartet Little Dragon is one group that just can’t be pinned down. Over the years they’ve given us everything from electronic to pop to house to neo-soul and even a bit of hip-hop. After their latest offering, the EP Opening The Door, the crew do a complete pivot with their new single “Slugs Of Love.”

There have always been elements of the musical switch-up of the 1980s in Little Dragon’s sound, and this time around they throw themselves into it full tilt by adopting a post-punk/new wave sound. A jangly, elastic bass line gets the song going, followed by skittish drums and wavy synth chords. It all sets things up for the song’s poetically strange lyrics.

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“Slugs of love in search / Of freedom / Life tasting these / True believer,” she sings. “Endless ecstasy / Feel it all / Endless craving / Sluggish ball.”

The song gets a video that matches its feel courtesy of visual artists Unlimited Time Only, who animate video footage of the foursome into a visual feast. Images of eyes and a recurring checkerboard pattern are threaded throughout the clip, creating an odd yet alluring video that captures LD’s mind-bending essence.

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It’s all trippy and weird. But what else would you expect from our Gothenburg friends? Listen and watch Little Dragon switch it up on us one more time when you experience the stream and visual for “Slugs Of Love” below.

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