Mahalia Completes The Cycle With Her 'Letter To Ur N(ex)t' & Drops 'Letter To Ur Ex' EP

Photo Credit: Mahalia/YouTube

Mahalia is a clever girl. When she started releasing a slew of singles back to back, we figured that she had a new project up her sleeve. That project turned out to be her latest EP Letter To Ur Ex. But if we had paid attention, we would've known there was more in the works as her video for the set's title track teased more to come with a plot twist. The continuation of the story arrives with a video for her sequel of sorts "Letter To Ur N(ex)t."

In the video, we pick up right at the plot twist, where a new version of Mahalia sings her message to her other self about the man she once had. She takes the time to stroll through the streets of London at night as she does this, breaking down what went down between her and her former flame blow by blow.

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This braided version of Mahalia is then seen sitting across the table from her blonde self as she warns her to run the other way before the no-good man can break her heart like he did hers. The clip then ends just as subtly as it began as the singer walks quietly down the street into the night and her thoughts.

Mahalia did her thing with this one and with her Letter To Ur Ex EP, which also features previous singles "In The Club," "Whatever Simon Says" and new track "Forever." Peep her in the video for "Letter To Ur N(ex)t" and then check out the EP in full below.

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