Will Gittens Gets Classically Romantic In 'Falling For You'

Photo Credit: Will Gittens/YouTube

If you know us, then you know we love '90s R&B. Hell, we love it so much we even created a shirt to proclaim it. But you know what's even better than '90s R&B? '90s R&B videos! From the flashy to the subdued, the lavish to the understated, the videos from the era just had a way of capturing the vibe in ways that other decades just don't. So, when we see someone successfully recreate that vibe in modern day, we have to give it props. Enter Bounce-Worthy alum Will Gittens and his recently released clip for his track "Falling For You."

Will has the era's aesthetics down pat in "Falling For You." Hazy, soft-focus shots? Check. Unnecessarily standing in the desert? Check. Leather pants? Double check! However, though he includes all these hallmarks of the time, he doesn't do it as a joke or even ironically. Will instead presents the clip as an earnest love letter, with him romancing his lady with flowers and showering her with affection. It's all a shining example that R&B and Black love are both still alive and thriving.

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Will we be seeing more of Will Gittens in 2023? We certainly hope so. For now, though, we'll gladly watch "Falling For You" to our heart's content. Join us when you press play below.

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