Kennedy Ryon Burns Bright With 'Fire'

Photo Credit: Paulus Abuakel

Singer Kennedy Ryon might be a new name to you, but she won't be for long. The Atlanta-based singer-songwriter stepped onto the scene in a big way with her cover of Yebba's "Evergreen" that went viral. Now we're getting to see what she can do with her own original material with the release of her latest single "Fire."

The song begins with brooding piano undercut with bright horn blasts, playing with tension between the dark and light. That's true of the song's lyrics as well, with Ryon contemplating her situation. "Misery loves company / Especially the kind it fails to keep / Never is the friend it claims to be / And when the odds are stacked it folds," she sings with a clear, self-assured tone.

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The song takes a surprising turn, however, when the chorus of Chaka Khan's classic "Through The Fire" is worked into the track. It adds a burst of hopefulness while also showcasing the power and beauty of the singer's voice in an unexpected way.

It's safe to say that Kennedy Ryon is blazing her own path while paying homage to those who have lit her musical way. We can't wait to see how bright her star burns in the future. Listen to the talented artist when you press play below, and follow Kennedy Ryon on Instagram and TikTok for more.

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