PJ Morton, Jill Scott & Alex Isley 'Still Believe' In Love

Photo Credit: PJ Morton/Instagram

PJ Morton is pulling up to a city near me and you, your mama and your cousin, too, on his Watch The Sun Tour, which is currently underway. While he takes a brief mid-tour break to enjoy a little bit of summer before picking things up later this month, PJ is committed to keeping his adoring public engaged and entertained with the release of a new music video for "Still Believe."

A fan favorite from Morton's Watch The Sun album, "Still Believe" features the additional talents of Jill Scott, who delivers a smoking spoken word intro, and Alex Isley, whose angelic vocals later join in perfect harmony with PJ's. Director Dominic Scott captures Morton, Isley and PJ's band during an in-studio performance. Scott doesn't physically appear in the video, but her voice is heard at its onset.

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The visual also continues the narrative that began in the previously released video for "Love's Disease," appearing to fit in between the clips for "Biggest Mistake" and "Lil' Too Heavy." After PJ's lady walks out on him at the end of "Biggest Mistake," "Still Believe" begins with him on his cell phone. On the other end of the call is assumed to be his woman, who speaks her peace via Jill Scott's velvety voiceover and gives PJ an earful.

The scenes cut back and forth between PJ by himself looking pitiful and back in the studio seated at his trusty keyboards with Alex by his side. When he's not looking out of the window, singing and thinking about his bad decisions, he sits down to pen a letter to his beloved.

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When it's time for Alex's verse, she delivers it with a soft confidence that she's making the right choice to admit that she, too, still believes in love after heartbreak. While she sings, we see PJ's lady appear on-screen for the first time in "Still Believe" as she settles in to read the letter that he wrote to her. As she lays down on her bed and reads PJ's heartfelt words, a wistful look crosses her face, signaling that maybe all is not lost between the estranged couple.

With this video for "Still Believe," PJ Morton has given us visuals for 9 out of 11 of Watch The Sun's tracks thus far. Could videos for the remaining songs "Watch The Sun" featuring Chronixx and "So Lonely" with Wale be on the table? We certainly hope so. Until that comes to fruition, watch PJ Morton in action in "Still Believe" right here.

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