PJ Morton Gives More Life To ‘Watch The Sun’ With Four Music Videos

Photo Credit: PJ Morton/YouTube

PJ Morton is the gift that keeps on giving. The New Orleans native has been on fire since the rollout for his newest album Watch The Sun started. The artist has been generous with his time just as much as he has his talents while dropping singles and videos, doing a major press run and readying his Watch The Sun Tour. If you thought PJ would just sit back, relax and bask in the praise Watch The Sun has received from critics and fans alike since it dropped, you thought wrong. To accompany the album, Morton released not one, not two, but four whole music videos for “Love’s Disease (Just Can’t Get Enough),” “Biggest Mistake,” “Lil’ Too Heavy” and “The Better Benediction.”

The suite of visuals begins with “Love’s Disease (Just Can’t Get Enough),” which also opens Watch The Sun. We see PJ seated in a room with a grey wall, simple floral arrangement and candles behind him. As the music starts, he stares into the camera and begins with the spoken intro. The scene then switches to him and his band in the studio performing the track. The song’s lyrics also appear across the bottom of the screen, making this clip part lyric video, too.

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The groove kicks in and the scenes switch back and forth between PJ before a natural-haired beauty appears on the screen lying on a bed. She’s dressed casually in street clothes while she stares and smiles into the camera. She doesn’t appear in any scenes with PJ, but it’s clear that she’s the one who has him afflicted with “Love’s Disease.”

The clips for “Biggest Mistake” and “Lil’ Too Heavy” pick up where “Love’s Disease (Just Can’t Get Enough)” leaves off.

“Biggest Mistake” continues with glimpses of PJ in his zone jamming in the studio and sitting in the same room, although now he’s situated in the corner, possibly signifying how in trouble he is with his loved one. The musician ruminates on how close he was to letting the best thing he’s ever had slip right through his fingers. The woman from “Love’s Disease” returns, but she doesn’t look as happy or content as she did in that visual. She does some heavy thinking of her own, and eventually decides to leave the house and PJ behind.

Bringing the story arc to a close, “Lil’ Too Heavy” flashes to PJ Morton in a more contemplative state outside of his musical element (although we still get scenes of him and his band in-studio).

Now that he’s home alone, we see PJ staring at himself in the bathroom mirror. He looks crestfallen as he sings to his reflection and splashes water on his face. His troubles follow him into his bedroom, but instead of laying his burdens down, he sits on the edge of the bed and keeps singing with fists clenched and eyes closed. PJ expresses his vulnerability now that his lady is gone and you can feel everything weighing him down.

The four-pack of new videos concludes with one for “The Better Benediction.” The visual finds the acclaimed artist with his band of brothers in the seclusion of the woods during what could be noted as a soul cypher. PJ calls on his partners in song Zacardi Cortez, Gene Moore, Samoht, Tim Rogers, and Darrel “MusiqCity” Walls to join him in summoning faith towards better and brighter days. The harmonious comrades uplift one other as they speak hope into whoever may need it.  

These four music videos follow the previously released looks for “Please Don’t Walk Away” and “Be Like Water” and the “My Peace” lyric video. At the rate he’s going, PJ Morton might as well give us videos for the remaining songs on Watch The Sun. We don’t think anyone would be mad to receive a Watch The Sun visual album. Knowing PJ, we have our fingers crossed that one is already in the works.

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