DUCKWRTH & Syd Spit Game Like No Other On 'Ce Soir'

Photo Credit: DUCKWRTH/Instagram

DUCKWRTH is cooking up something, and he gave us a taste of it earlier this year when he dropped his single "Power Power." Since then, he's been slow to reveal anything else about what might be coming (though he did find time to collaborate with Snakehips recently). Now he's offering up something new by teaming up with Syd on his latest single "Ce Soir."

"Ce Soir" is another certified winner from DUCKWRTH with a swirling beat that begs you to move as the drums hit against distorted synth chords and guitar. The rapper is, of course, in fine form as he attempts to charm his way into a lady's pants for the night. "I got a new bag of tricks I wanna try out / We can dip stick shift to the hideout / Little mama with the vibes wanna vibe out / She like the way the diamonds still dance with the lights out," he rhymes nimbly before taking things even further with very thinly veiled innuendo about what he'd like to do.

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Syd joins him in the fun as she makes like the Ying Yang Twins and whispers a little something in our ears. "Now listen here, baby, I'ma say it again / It's looking like the night is ready to end / How 'bout we get in the whip? / Could be you and you and your friend," she rhymes smoothly. Before we can even catch our breath to see what she'll say next, she's already switched the convo to speak on how she'll "have you both moanin' in an hour flat." Oh my.

The chorus, meanwhile, allows things to get funky as it bounces along to the song's rhythm. It's where the titular French is incorporated into the proceedings while working in a naughty suggestion in the romantic tongue. It's also where, near the song's end, horns are brought in beautifully to wind down the good time being had.

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DUCKWRTH keeps teasing us with new music, so that has to mean something big is on the way. Until he decides to announce what's next, jam to "Ce Soir" when you press play below.

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