DUCKWRTH Flexes His Style In 'Power Power'

Photo Credit: DUCKWRTH/YouTube

The world seems to still be in a mellow mood, with a lot of the songs being released taking a more reserved and laid-back approach. We're not necessarily mad at that, but with summertime just beginning to peek its head above the horizon, we're starting to look for the straight-up jams. We got perhaps the first one of the year when DUCKWRTH dropped his cut "Power Power" off with a defiant charm earlier this year. Now he's circling back and giving us the song's official video.

If you caught the song's visualizer, then you know a bit of what to expect. DUCKWRTH relies on black-and-white footage of the rapper/singer rocking to the track broadcast on multiple screens. He doesn't let the footage do all the work though. We soon see him step onto the warehouse floor to take command as he flexes his musical might and moves the small crowd he's gathered (which includes the song's featured artist Shaun Ross).

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While the song is, of course, the primary focus of the video, it's also heavy on style. Everyone involved is clad in all-black outfits that almost look like they fit in the futuristic world of The Matrix with a little bit of Black flyness thrown in for good measure. The clip also nods to some other influences, including an Akira-style motorcycle scene and other slick anime references.

The clip for "Power Power" is another visual from our boy that has us hitting replay. If you're waiting on inspiration to cut up on the dance floor, look no further than watching DUCKWRTH and his crew jam to their own beat in style when you press play.

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