Jenevieve Shares A Beautiful Vision Of 'Nxwhere'

Photo Credit: Jenevieve/YouTube

Rising singer Jenevieve impressed when she stepped onto the scene last year with her debut album Division. The set already featured fan-favorite singles like smooth cut "Baby Powder," but it also introduced us to newer songs. Now, the "Résumé" singer is bringing the latest visual from the set with a clip for "Nxwhere."

The clip finds Jenevieve traveling to the Mexican countryside for a beautifully surreal visual. Several vignettes comprise the clip, with most featuring the singer looking glamourous among her surroundings. The juxtaposition of her elegant garb and pastoral scenes (at one point she's dressed in a fabulous all-white outfit while stand among sheep, at another she's dressed in black with a glittering headpiece while standing in front of a burning building) is at once jarring and artistic.

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She and director Aus Taylor take even more creative liberties as the clip comes to a close, mixing in still photography and blurry, out-of-focus shots to make the video almost seem like a fever dream come to life.

"Nxwhere" is one of several videos that have dropped from Division, which received the deluxe edition treatment last month. Though the original version is approaching its anniversary, we wouldn't mind getting more stylish, original visuals like this one from it. Watch Jenevieve get surreal in "Nxwhere" when you press play.

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