Nuela Charles Knows That She's 'Worthy' Of Love

Photo Credit: Nuela Charles/YouTube

Three-time JUNO Award nominee Nuela Charles is hard at work not only on her new album but on herself. Inspired by positive affirmations and self-reflection, she penned her new single “Worthy” after going through a rough patch and doubting her own worth. This track serves as music therapy for both the singer-songwriter and the listener.

When you press play on "Worthy," a funky bassline hits you immediately just before Nuela’s uplifting voice drops in. She laments how she allowed someone’s negative words to impact how she views herself. "Haunted / Haunted by the things you said weren’t true / Now I’m so cautious / Hiding pieces of me out of view," she sings.

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As Nuela finishes the verse, a subtle rhythm guitar, keyboard and background vocals join that bassline as we arrive at the chorus where she declares, "If I want it, gotta know I'm / Worthy / Worthy to be somebody / Somebody to be loved." 

The visual, directed by Kyle Tiernan and produced by Kingdom Creative, is creative and makes effective use of neon lighting, shadows and a little smoke to emphasize the song’s message. Nuela sits elevated above the other individuals in the scene as she begins to sing. She initially appears in silhouette, and as the verse progresses to the bridge and chorus, we begin to see her and her castmates more clearly as they sing and celebrate a return to the light. 

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"Worthy" is a song to inspire us all, as we've all had doubts about our own self-worth. This uplifting track comes on the heels of her single "Awakening," and both songs have us anxiously awaiting the release of Nuela Charles' new album later this year. For now, experience the positive vibes of “Worthy” when you listen to the audio and watch the video below.

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