Maeta Shows The Sweet Side Of A Bad Situation In 'Habits'

Photo Credit: Maeta/YouTube

Maeta made a strong showing when she dropped her EP Habits at the top of last year. Off the strength of songs such as "Teen Scene," the Roc Nation signee found herself on many year-end lists and the public wanting more. As she gets ready to move toward what's next, she gives us one last look at her 2021 project by releasing the video for the EP's title track.

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On "Habits," the singer describes a situationship that just isn't good for either party. She looks to the film Malcolm and Marie for inspiration to illustrate this situation — but not in the way that you think. Rather than show all the turmoil and strife, she looks to the happy memories of their time together. The good times look amazing in black and white, with the singer rocking some killer looks as she gets playful with her handsome leading man. Underscoring all the smiles and seductive looks, though, is a sense that this bliss can't last forever, a conclusion she comes to both in the song's lyrics and the video's final moments as her car drives away.

"I think everyone can relate to this video and song," Maeta said in a statement. "You know a person isn’t good for you but it's hard to leave them alone because the attraction and vibes are so good for the moment. But I wanted to focus more on those sweet moments and not the negative side of the relationship."

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Watch Maeta show the sweet side of a toxic situationship in "Habits" (and reveal why she risked getting bitten by a snake for her art) when you press play.

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