Big K.R.I.T. Plays It Oh ‘So Cool’

Photo Credit: Big K.R.I.T./YouTube

Rapper Big K.R.I.T. has been busy working on his next album, which he’s been teasing with the hashtag #DRDD on his socials. Those letters represent the title of his upcoming collection, but, though many have tried, no one has correctly guessed what they are an acronym for yet. Although he’s keeping his new album title under wraps for now, he’s no longer keeping fans in the dark about what his new music may sound like with the release of the single “So Cool” concurrently with its new music video.

“So Cool” finds Big K.R.I.T. talking big ish about his big bank. Hip-hop has been good to a brotha and afforded him a comfortable lifestyle. “Tryna get millis / Get a bigger house, view so vivid / A couple cars, a garage, chrome wheelin’,” he raps on the first verse. He even has a message for those counting his money and worrying about what he spends it on, saying, “You think materials make me sound silly / Like, really?” He doesn’t wait for an answer but has more questions on the chorus, sarcastically asking, “How are you so cool? / (You say we don’t need that money).”

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K.R.I.T. wrote and produced the track that has an upbeat ’70s soul/’80s R&B vibe. He keeps the throwback feel going in the “So Cool” visual, which he also directed. A man of many talents, K.R.I.T. stars in the video alongside DJ Wally Sparks, Trinidad James and Akeem Ali. They’re all on-air talent at WDRDD television news, where Sparks is retiring as head anchor – and the fellas all want his job. Big K.R.I.T. is the station’s weatherman, Trinidad is the sportscaster and Akeem is on the “squirrel news” beat. While they all duke it out for the anchor’s chair, they really need to impress the “boss lady” who’s a stone-cold ice princess. Take one guess who warms her up and gets the gig in the end.

Big K.R.I.T. promises that there’s more new music where this came from with more drops on the way this year. Until he decides to share more music or more details about #DRDD, we’ll be bopping to “So Cool,” which you can do below when you press play on the audio and video.

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