Sabrina Claudio Wants To Keep You Coming Back With ‘Put On Repeat’

Photo Credit: Sabrina Claudio/YouTube

We’ve heard more from Sabrina Claudio through her collaborations with others than her own solo material as of late. It looks like that might change soon, however. The singer appears to be gearing up for another release in the near future. But before she puts us on to what she’s got going on, she primes us with her latest single “Put On Repeat.”

“Put On Repeat” finds the songstress going full-on sex kitten thanks to a bedroom-ready groove supplied by Jonah Christian and Sad Money. The musical backdrop has all the hallmarks of a modern jam to get you in the mood. Simmering synth chords, slow and deliberate echoes of electric guitars and drums that keep that tempo at a nice and steady pace help illustrate the sexy vibes. Sabrina, meanwhile, delivers a breathy vocal as she coos come-ons like they’re going out of style. “If I could, I would have him for life / Ooh, yes, I’m beggin’ / To touch on his perfect design,” she sings on one verse. “‘Cause his body is my favorite ride / Over and over, please let me / Off and back on one more time.” The chorus then takes the title seriously, looping her vocal while the music’s intensity is turned up a few notches.

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In the song’s video, the singer presents sex appeal in an avant-garde way thanks to an elaborately designed set piece that opens to reveal a rotating platform dripping with crystals and filled with shirtless men. Standing at the center of it all is Sabrina in sexy couture. She begins in a sleek, head-to-toe black latex number that includes a matching wide-brimmed hat and then switches to a curve-hugging sheer catsuit studded with crystals. Before it’s all said and done, though, she does one last costume change into a haloed green number that looks like it was inspired by Greek goddesses and Vegas showgirls. Each look is stunning and sexy, successfully selling the vibe that the song is giving.

We don’t know exactly what Sabrina Claudio is up to just yet, but if “Put On Repeat” is a sign of things to come, we’ll be waiting to see what’s next.

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