Emotional Oranges & Biig Piig Give Us Their ‘Body & Soul’

Emotional Oranges have got the juice. In that, we mean that they keep supplying us with all kinds of jams. As the duo prepares to release their upcoming project JUICEBOX, they’ve treated us to juicy selections like “Bonafide” and “All That.” Now they’re bringing us their latest single “Body & Soul” featuring British singer Biig Piig.

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“Body & Soul” starts off on the very mellow tip with lingering chords and a mention of laying in front of the fireplace. But then things take a severe left turn as the drums and vocals are brought in along with the bass line. The switch up turns things into a mid-tempo jam that perfectly complements the duo’s vocals. Lyrics-wise, the vibe is all about getting up-close and personal, with them singing on the bridge, “Take you back to my place / Love you by the fireplace / Girl, what you want from me? / Your body and soul.” For her part, Biig Piig fits right in with the Oranges’ aesthetic, which is perhaps why they worked on several tracks together, one of which actually resulting in the record we’re hearing today.

“It was actually the bridge for the first track we did and we decided to build around that for an entirely new song,” Emotional Oranges told COMPLEX. “The feel good, carefree energy reminds me of ‘Motion’ and ‘Personal’ and we’re glad we were able to bring that back for JUICEBOX.”

However it came about, “Body & Soul” is yet another juicy jam from the outfit that has us anxious for the arrival of JUICEBOX later this year. Get into the latest from Emotional Oranges when you press play.

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